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Clothing Donation Bins

    DPR has developed several models of collection bins. Customers have utilized them for the collection of shoes, clothes, and books.  Over the years we have learned that every customer has different needs for different climates. We believe we have a bin that would fit your needs and budget. Our staff will be pleased to work with you to develop a specific bin to fit your needs. 
                          About the Bins
    Depending on the weight of the collections, we offer several thicknesses of material to promote longevity of the bin. We offer six different tried and true models that are built on a regular basis. Come look at one of ours today.
    We cross break all of the sides, tops, and backs of the bins for strength and rigidity. This also gives the product a streamlined appearance. Appearance means everything to us. DPR takes pride in our products, and quality is something we take seriously.
    We offer standard slide in chutes and also lift assist drawers for easy donations and deposits.
    Before paint, all bins are steam cleaned, and washed for superior adhesion. If your bins are chipping and cracking, chances are you supplier is skipping this step.
     Color is also your option. We use Sherwin-Williams™ products which are available in many colors. We use this brand because of its top of the line adhesion and unmatched reliability. Also, paint color can be matched at any Sherwin-Williams™ branch. Powder coat is available upon request.
    We can also sticker and stencil your bins. We have customers from coast to coast and border to border.

Please contact us for price and availability.

Some General Specifications
  • Welded constriction
  • Material 14 or 16 gage galvaneal
  • cross breaks in larger panels for strength and rigidity
  • Accessible by forklift/ Pallet Jack for ease of handling
  • Concealed lock box to minimize theft, yet provide easy access
  • Bins steam cleaned prior to paint to assure good adherence

We can customize your bin to include

  • ID stickers
  • Stenciling
  • Powder coat paint


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