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Fishing runs deep in my family. I especially took to pike spearing at a young age with my brother, father, and grandfather. Seeing a big northern pike glide in or a school of perch invade your spearing hole is one of the most exciting fishing experiences there is. Like my fishing, I take my equipment seriously. I am a metal fabricator by trade and over the past twenty years I have developed what I believe to be the best ice fishing spears and equipment on the market.

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Pike Spear - $75.00
Stainless Pike Spear - $120.00
Laser Etching - add $15.00
Our pike spears are constructed out of steel, they are built with a weight forward design. This ensures that it will connect perfectly with any pike or muskie.

(Also available in stainless)

Perch Spear - $45.00
Perch spearing is fast paced and involves a lot of throwing. It can be done in shallow water, is inexpensive, and can be fun for kids. 

Spud - $65.00
Our Ice Crusher Spud cuts the way it looks. I changed the angle of the blades 10 times before getting it just right. An alloy plate flame hardened tool, you will devastate the ice with every blow. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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